10 Things You Must Know Before Start a Business


Start a business is a simple task but the maintenance a tough job when I said before. So many youngsters have excitement to live independently like be your own boss. Sometimes windup their ideas when they think about the risk to start a business. Then take a coffee/tea and prepare for the 9to5 job.

Peoples mainly fail in business because they do not take any advice, precautions, planning, basic things, etc. In the world, many businessman’s does not get well educated. They also take lessons from their failures/mistakes without windup their ideas. The person who wants to start a business and create a specific name on google. Must know some basic things to avoid the risk in the future. You can start a business at any age. Your age not a matter in business only you are ready to take any risk. In business, you can enjoy all profits&losses with a different expression. In this article, I will some basic points and advice to start a business easily.

1.Idea to Start a Business

I think I should become a businessman. This is goal similarly you must have an idea to start a business. To start a business you must have knowledge of something that you see daily. In my opinion, there have two ideas. One idea is already started a business somebody and another one who not started before. In the first one having more competition to start a business. Another one something different has some risk because nobody does that before. Some persons start a business by their problems when they fail. Decide yourself and take turn whether lift/right I mean competition/risk. My own advice if you want competition get some experience by working for a particular company. By your experience, you know problems, solutions, advice, etc to start your own business smoothly. One idea can climb you a mountain and also push you under the earth. So take a better idea which you have more knowledge, experience, interest. Don’t follow other advice in case you don’t have to interest in such an idea.


Money is the main thing to start a business. More money is needed to start a business, more money is more business. I think it’s wrong. You don’t need lakhs/crores to start a business. Does everyone imagine to start a business want a big building, furniture’s, computers, lights, etc?. Based on this imagine they borrow money from outsiders, banks, friends, relatives with high-interest rates. You close down your company when you get heavy losses from starting days. You can reach a hiding stage when you see your money lenders. If you want to start a business really you don’t need above expensive things. You can start your business in a single room along with one pc and little money. My advice also this to cover your financial problems. You can shift your business from a single room to building when you get more profits. In case you fail only a little money waste instead of heavy losses. So many big companies start like this. Another one in case you take money from your friends/relatives doesn’t give share/authority in your business. It may have a chance to lose your authority/entire business.


You can get more lessons from your experience instead of seeing. I also strongly believe this from my experience. Get some experience which field you interest. It really helps you when you start the same business. Your experience gives you advice, tips, precautions, etc. You can also take expert/businessman advice, tips to start a business smoothly. You must maintain a habit of learning from your failures/mistakes. Successful persons always learn from their failures/mistakes and also by seeing others.

4.Choose Correct Partners

One incorrect partner can collapse all your business by a single decision. How to one apple spoils to all in a case. So be brave to choose a correct partner who understands you briefly. Always try to choose a partner like your feelings, thoughts, decision making is equal.start a business If you want to start a business with your friend firstly fix your partnership like profit&loss. Share your profit&loss based on your investment don’t be cross limit. Because nowadays so many businessmen divided by their disputes/losses who was staring jointly. Don’t bring outsiders/unknown persons in partnership it’s very dangerous. Always try to avoid outsiders/unknown persons in your business. Somebody promise I give money for your business but authority is mine/share profits equal. Don’t believe such type of persons, they can easily cheat you by using their money. They can make you an insolvency person(who not have the ability to pay their loans) and sleeping partner. So choose the correct partner and makes a partnership form to avoid disputes in the future.

5.Main Necessaries

To start a business you need to follow some procedure based on company type like LLC, corporation, partnership, private, public, etc. Based on company type the procedure changes. You must register your business under Govt and maintain something. Must maintain necessary documents like register of company, tax, license, bank accounts, trademarks, partnership form, copyrights, patents etc. You need to verify your accounts by an auditor after one year to check your company financial status. Have a chance to bring more funds by register your company in the stock market in case you run a public company. Based on your company type&country you can follow some procedure to start a company. Take care of all necessary documents for the future also. Maintain all records correctly and also your company matters. Somebody try to put down your business by theft documents, project reports, etc. when you in success. Always try to maintain your company information secretly. Don’t tell your employees also who are very close to you/believe you.


These two are the main one to increase your sales. Every customer first checks quality than quantity whether its product/service. Customer satisfaction is the main one to grow any business. Don’t think like a businessman in this field. To start a business check above two as a buyer how you feel. You also a buyer when you go to buy anything in the market. Based on these two you can fix cost, expenses, features, profits, etc. Always try to give the best quality to your customers. Don’t compromise in quality it has a chance to move your customers to your competitor side. Take feedback from your customers about quality&quantity and others. If you neglect your customers feedback you can get damaged heavily. As a starter fix your product/service cost little less than compare with your competitors. Keep in mind these two to start a business. Always try to use the machine, manpower with advanced technology.


To start a business choose the best place where your business grows faster. You can look at some specific companies located in a specific place like IT, manufacture, real estate, medical, education, etc. Some places have a name for specific field companies. So choose the right place based on your business. Try to start your business in a particular place as a small if possible. When your business grows to try to expand. Put a board/name (in writing) above your room/company to identify the people easily. I absorb some companies not have any name /board when I was searching for a job. Always try to use a name about your business. Another one adds your business location in google maps to identify the peoples when they search on google. Choose the best place where your business grows faster.


Nowadays, every business having a website to maintain better customer relationship. Your customers can gain any information from your website. So it gives a better relationship between you&customers. Now every small business also maintains a website for customer satisfaction. By using the website you can promote your products/services easily. You can take feedback from your customers about your business. Also send emails to your customers easily. You can create a website by professional makers. By using freelancing sites you can choose a good designer based on your budget. If you have some basic internet knowledge you can create your website with little/zero cost. To start a business a website is must&should.


Nowadays, we having many channels to promote your business throughout the world. You can promote your business by using radios, TVs, newspapers, banners, pamphlets, pictures, etc. If you do not promote your business how the peoples identify you start a business such type of product/service.start a business Only particular surroundings area know you start a business. But how to know the entire world you start a business. Google is the best teacher in the world also a promoter. You can promote your business by using Google business page, google maps, AdWords, etc. Use social media to promote your business like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. You can also promote your business by using google translator when you face the language problem.

10.Never Leave up

As a stater, you can face so many problems with the lack of experience, advice, knowledge, etc. Don’t leave your hopes and confidence. Always take profits&losses equally. If you want to take decision take advice from your employees (low to high). Sometimes your security guard advice better works than your idea. Don’t see to anybody very low based on their work/level. Firstly, believe yourself and motivate your employees. To start a business mainly you have confidence on you I can do anything. Take the right decision at a specific time. When you face a problem that has a chance to start a business. Your failures also create a new door to start your career. Always maintain a smile on your face.

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To start a business mainly you must&should have confidence on you. Then remaining another thing. Every person, not a successful businessman. One person must be successful who face everything equally and learn from his mistakes/failures. Think about your career and take left/right. Read successful businessman life history to make inspire and take tips, advice by their experience. Have a good habit to learn anything fastly. Use technology to grow yourself faster and also your business. Follow the above fields to run faster in the present competition. I think our guidelines very helpful to you to start a business. Before to do anything ask/enquiry about that. Because it has a chance to do mistakes from your initial days.

All the Best


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