How to Avoid Offline Job Scams to Save Yourself


Every day you can see job scams on tv, newspapers, friends etc. New technology increased day by day also change the trend of offline job scams. Are you face any offline job scams?. Firstly it shows luxury life then it’s like a water bubble. You don’t know when the bubble blast.

Offline job scams increased day by day to cheat the job hunters. In offline mostly used manpower and their sweet words to down you in the mud. When realizing your money and time are wasted. So before going to any offline job take a look in depth. You must focus on money when you search an offline job. Most of the people lost their money in offline job scams and some are hurt very seriously. Follow tips to avoid offline job scams.

1.Search Which Type of Offline Job Scams in Present

Based on your thinking you can get a basic idea of job scams. You can check offline job scams on tv, newspapers, radio, by friends etc. When you gain some knowledge about it you are success 50%. Some new trends are implemented to cheat the job hunters. So be aware of offline job scams. Not only aware yourself you must aware others as like you. Anybody said sweet words about an offline job you must think deeply. Not only present also search job scams in past. If may have a chance to implement it which was running in the past.

2.Check Recruiters&Placements Firms

The main characters/actors in this movie of offline job scams. So many recruiters/placements firms put a net-like how to catch fish.How to Avoid Offline Job Scams to Save Yourself They show heaven in your half hands by their sweet words. When you believe and attract by their words you are not come out easily. Because they said high salaries, bonus, expenses, free trips etc. After some time you recognize they cheated you.

  • Firstly focus on an area where the recruiters/placement firms are located
  • Then ask your recruiters give me your previous candidates details(who joined like you) to find they are correct/not
  • Ask the details of recruiters&placement firms near the people of the located area
  • Take the advice from your friends, relatives and family members. They have a chance of getting an experience of offline job scams
  • Ask all details of the job before giving money then search given details correct/not
  • If any recruiters not given proper details of your job. Don’t think to leave the room immediately
  • Don’t sign on any papers. If may have a chance to damage you heavily.
  • Absorve two/three days to firms/recruiters. It may have a chance to find the details by asking candidates(who are previous/present candidates)

3.Never Give Money

Money which is the main asset and plays the main role in any offline job scams. Many candidates do this mistake. If any recruiter/firms ask money before giving the job to you. They definitely cheat you. Always try to avoid these type of jobs. You say  I give money when my first salary comes from my job. They said yes now you can proceed. If any wrong only your time will waste instead of money. If they say no never go that type of jobs. When realize they cheated you there is no use to get back your money. It’s a very tough job to refund your money. Many recruiters said many reasons to pay money. Don’t pay in any moment when they said the deadline for the job is over. If you pay money by mistake kept fee copies safely. It’s very useful in case you lose anything.

4.Find Some Details

First focus on salaries related job. When the recruiter said about a particular job. Find the salaries related in place it’s correct/not. Some jobs having fixed salaries&place based on the field. Ask the recruiter how he found your details if he calls you. If you get any lose may have a chance to get compensation. You can also get an idea how they trace you. Check of their company/firm details like registered/not, board, logo etc. Some companies/firms show duplicate certificates so you must find by going Govt websites. To check company officially registered/not.

5.Report Immediately

When you find fake offline job scams or get lost by the company. Immediately inform the police/upper authority to close down the company. When you do that its very helpful to who are upcoming candidates as like you. Aware of these type of companies/recruiters on the internet/offline to save other candidates money&time. Don’t be clam its very big mistake. When you report its create a fear who are waiting to cheat candidates. You can also proceed by law if lose money heavily.

6.Network/Team Job

You can get an idea by listening to the name of a network/team. Some offline job scams are different like based on team and commission. In network/team job offers commission/percentage by joining other peoples under you. How to Avoid Offline Job Scams to Save YourselfThese type of jobs mainly focus on investing. They offer to invest a particular amount of money then join two, three candidates under you. These candidates must be invest as like you to get a commission. These type of jobs very dangerous. Please don’t go by attracting commission. These type of jobs increases day to day by different names to cheat the peoples. Not only this, many jobs offering in different firms but the ultimate target is cheating. So don’t do this type of investing/jobs. Some firms offering job like a mediator. This job also very dangerous. If any damage you suffer heavily/your life will spoil.

7.Newspapers Advertisements

Most job hunters do this mistakes by looking for newspaper advertisements. Remember one thing, newspaper owner not responsible which he advertises job advertisement in his newspapers. He can only take the money and advertise not check jobs are real/fake. Firstly call by the advertisement information. Then go wherever they call and ask all details of job like fee, training, salaries etc. If any recruiter asks money to give job always try to avoid. I do not say all are cheaters. Take all the details of the job and proceed then further. Nobody does give any guarantee to your money. Money and time are very important in your life. So take any decision based on time.


Offline job scams very common nowadays. So don’t go blindly by listening to sweet words. Many new trends are implemented to cheat job hunters. To do anything stop one moment think yourself which is correct. Before going to any job firstly find all details then proceed. Take care of your money once you lose it’s not refunded. From my own experience always try to avoid recruiters/placement firms as much as possible which comes under private sector. Ask your friends, relatives to take advice when you listen from recruiters. Maintain a big voice when you find a job from recruiter/in case lose money. Don’t be clam it’s not used to get back your money in case lose. Search for any job in deeply then proceed.


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