Job vs Business:4 Points Must Check Before to Start Your Career


Job vs business every person in dilemma after his education. There is more difference between in these two segments with one to another. The mindset of every person is not the same. Based on their background, growing environments, people lessons etc everything plays a major role to take a decision. When you are studying have a basic idea by seeing successful persons to start your career. Family support is the main one to change your mindset and put you like a bird in the cage.

So many youngsters come by many hopes due to hot blood and like a non-break bike. But they don’t know the practical and reality is different from one to another. Starting a business is a simple task but the maintenance is a tough job. It’s having so many problems, risk, decision making, solution etc. Job vs business around so many words like security, income, work, headaches, retirement etc. So let’s check out details to know more.

1.In Job vs Business plays Security

Yes, everyone first checks out this to choose their career. In job(except Govt) there is no security to your career. They can remove without any reason but you can jump into another one easily. In business, there is no security its all depends on yours like your decisions. If you want a job must need experience but to start a business its need very less. So many persons mainly stop to this reason to take a diversion. Based on their family speech you can put back to create a name in google. In job mainly your hard work protects you but in business your confidence&decision protects you. A job holder must have some fear when I fired. But businessman can fired himself until his business runs in profits.

2.Income  Levels

The second main role to make a person in stable/not. A job holder income always stable but businessman income changes by their profits in business. There having more difference between their name, income, level, authority etc. Job vs Business:4 Points Must Check Before to Start Your CareerA business person can buy a house by a single check but the job holder pays more checks. In job vs business, the income shows their levels in society. When profits made more the businessman can enjoy all it, not a job holder. The job holder does not have any tensions like profits, losses, competition etc because he is stable incomer. The businessman can enjoy all luxury life like house, cars, comforts, food, necessaries etc. But must think about how much hard work he did to earn this luxury life. No one becomes a billionaire in a single day by a business. They do very hard work and enjoy all losses&profits in equally. I think everyone has an idea about income to decide to pay single check/more.


I already tell starting a business simple task but maintenance is tough. We generally listen/read businessman works 15hours per day and wake up before 4 AM. Yes, every businessman always thinks about his business and how to run to make more profits. A job holder only works in his office timings like 9-5pm. He does not have more tensions, pressure than comparing with the businessman. He thinks only when his office starts and end. After that, he thinks only by himself and family. A businessman always thinks about how to maintain their clients, projects, profits, losses and everything. Mainly the businessman thinks customer satisfaction. All his profits depend on it. A job holder thinks&take feedback from the customer but business do from its origin. When a job holder works hard he has a chance to get a promotion. But businessman can enjoy the two variations to get name/loss when success/fail of his product/service. Successful persons always learn from their failings. They follow a procedure L-earn learn to earn for success.


In job vs business the last point to take a diversion left/right. In a private job, there is no income after retirement to take rest. The Govt job holder does not have any tensions when he tired. But the job holder must have a plan of savings when his career begins. From my opinion businessman not have any tensions for his retirement. Businessman not only profit maker he also forecaster(who estimate the future). How he estimate of his business in the future similarly he can take necessary actions for his retirement before. He creates a plan and follows it for his middle age. Normally a job holder builds a house and maintains some savings after his retirement. I think businessman can maintain luxury houses, savings, shares and other incomes after his retirement. Only very fewer job holders can make more properties after retirement who make proper planning from start to end. Finally, a saving plan must need even you to take a diversion left/right like job vs business.


In job vs business have more difference to take your life in risk taker/follower. The result behind the risk when you take. I am not highlighting anybody like job or business. Telling only the difference between two persons and life. Take time and decide how your career start. Based on your mind mindset, family support, interest starts your journey whether left/right. I suggest if you want to start your career as businessman work on that field which you interest. When you work to get an experience to know how to start, problems, solutions etc. It’s very helpful to start your journey in a smooth way without tension and break. Because if you start a business without touch in the field may have to face some problems. It’s very vixed and turns off your business in the initial stage. Don’t follow who tell your future by seeing your eyes/hands. Some persons tell you where your career starts and when. Don’t listen and follow such type of words. You only take the decision and enjoy all profits&losses not others. So thinks in all degrees around your environment and decide where you take diversion job vs business.

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