Interview Tips:13 Best Tips for Job Seekers to success in Job Interview


      Are you vexed about job interview by the fails? Even put away your certificates, losing your tie, remove in short and blames the interviewer by the reject. These are done when not follows some interview tips.

                             All the above activities are easily removed by known&follows of interview tips. Before blame to the interviewer by the reject, think one moment what mistakes I did. In this article, our interview tips are very helpful to get the job easily without blame yourself.

1) Check Out Company History

So many candidates do this mistakes not to try known about the company then go straightway to take a seat in the interview room. In case the interviewer asks a question “what did you know about the company” the answer will do when known about the company like authorized persons, date of origin, products/services etc. Nowadays ask these question increases day by day due to check the candidate well known about the company/not. So must check about the company before going to the job interview. If you want to know how to find company history read my previous article about the company and follows it.

2) Check all Necessary Documents

Documents like your certificates, check all necessary documents like the resume, education, photos,awards&sports certificates and experience certificates(if you have) along with copies. Interview Tips:13 Best Tips for Job Seekers to success in Job Interview Firstly check all details of your resume correctly/if any changes else. All these are check before two days back to avoid last minute tension. So many candidates very neglect to carry about their resume and certificates by it’s not used in the interview, so carry all documents which is available sometimes it’s also necessary. Before going to job interview copy all certificates into your Gmail in case forget any you can catch easily. Sets all documents one by one with neatly to see the interviewer easily and understand it.

3) Practice Your Questions&Answers

When you are going to write exam some expectations have which question asks and also how to write the answer for it. Similarly, when you are going to the job interview, have a basic idea which type of question asks and how to answer it.

Some basic question asks in the job interview

  • What are you studied?
  • Did you have any job experience?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What is your strength/weakness?
  • What did you know about this company?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • Describe your current job responsibility/role?

These type of questions asks generally in any job interview so practice this questions with a proper answer by asking your friends, relatives, employees (who are do jobs) and search in google. Practice with your friends/before the mirror to know proper mistakes and improve yourself.

4) Body language

In the interview tips, your body language plays a major role and tells the interviewer your present condition. We expect an idea to see other body languages like moving, talking and activities etc. similarly our body language tells the interviewer how you feel (what’s on your mind). By seeing your facial expressions the interviewer gets an idea about you and how is your condition.

Some good body languages

  • Sit properly touch your backbone to the seat(like how to sit in the car with the seat belt)
  • Look straight in the interviewer’s eyes(don’t see others places like left, right, up and down)
  • Make a smile
  • Put hands on your knees
  • Maintain a napkin if any a cough, cold are having
  • Think before you speak
  • Make a confidence when answering
  • Ask permission to enter/to take the seat

Common Mistakes

  • Dress improperly
  • Lift/answer a phone
  • Failing to smile
  • Playing with items on the table
  • Weak/too much handshake
  • Failing to ask permission to enter/take a seat
  • Failing to say Thank You

5) Dress&Looking Style

Based on your work, you’re dressing&looking style changes. If you are going to a party must wear a dress according to suitable for it. Also in job interview wear a professional dress (like formal dress along with shoes) to attract the interviewer and make sure I am better suitable for this job. Maintain a dress in short properly with iron, clean shaving and good hairstyle (don’t follow new trend hairstyles). Go to the washroom before ten minutes of your attend, clean your face with water, check out your dressing&hair style. Drink a glass of water before attending the interview to speak well.

6) Reach in Time

Prepare a time management to reach in proper time, this avoids of losing of job chances by traffic problems/any circumstances. We reach a movie theater two hours before to get movie tickets easily&to reach in proper time. Only for two hours movie we are doing this, how much we do for our life movie (job interview).Interview Tips:13 Best Tips for Job Seekers to success in Job Interview We have many alternatives if miss any movie but sometimes not having this option in the job interview. Don’t neglect, known proper directions before two days back by asking friends/google and prepare a time management. Reach out interview location two hours before to avoid last minute of tensions in traffic/any circumstances to losing a chance at your job. Don’t go anywhere before interview it may have a chance to lose your job. Sleep early before last night to wake up early. Eat anything before leaving your house. Try to avoid outside foods it may have a chance to sick.

7) Listen Carefully

We are listening to interesting matters very carefully by our friends/others even unnecessary also because having more interest in it. In our classroom, we act as listen carefully. In these two cases, we have a chance to ask again&again what we are not listening. But in job interview having very fewer chances to asks again&again so listen carefully. Don’t ask the interviewer again&again which you are not listening/understand, its impacts a bad opinion on you. Some interviewers ask questions with low sound, so take care and give a proper answer after think. If you don’t know answer say I don’t know sir, don’t be a clam. Not gives this answer to all, try to answer remaining. When you give a proper response,  its impacts having a good common sense.

8) Don’t Smoke/Drink

Smoking&Drinking is injurious to health this sentence we see before a picture. How this is dangerous to health similarly danger to the job interview. Some candidates are doing this activity before the interview to avoid tension/by their regular habit. Please don’t this, it’s having so many chances to lose the job and put a bad opinion on you. Not do this everybody but some are done by their regular habit. If you have a habit try to avoid during the interview time also in future. When you smoke/drink, facial expressions change and talking, walking all your body languages change/sometimes not in your control. So the interviewer can catch easily and reject you. Please don’t do this in job interview time.

9) Turn off Your Phone

Can you remember how many times rang your phone in the classroom and blamed by your sir/mam?. Switch off your phone when you enter into job location. Also, don’t lift calls in interview timings it’s may have chances of losing by don’t listen to your name when calls out. Even in interview time the mobile rings it impacts a bad opinion on you and loses hopes on the job. Don’t check out your email, social media profiles and playing games in interview time to time pass its reflects in answering/lose the job by don’t hear you when they call out your name. So switch off your phone before entering the job location.

10) Tell Your Previous Job

The interviewer asks many numbers of questions in that one question is

“Why did you leave your last job?”

What do you say, don’t give the wrong answer. So many candidates do this mistakes, they give a wrong answer instead of right to get the job easily but my opinion this is not correct. Sometimes the interviewer/company persons are enquired of your previous company about you&why did you leave your last job. In case your answer&your previous company answer is different it reflects to lose your job/losing a confidence on you. Give correct answer what’s the exact reason is. In case you reject by your real answer (what’s the exact reason)    don’t worry you have a chance to call you later by your sincerity.

11) Control Angry

Angry is not good for anybody this sentence have been listening from the childhood. But sometimes are good in my opinion. We are talking about interview tips but why bring up this topic, is its necessary?

Yes, in a job interview not only having smooth questions sometimes are hard also. Gives the answer smoothly without increase heartbeat when the different questions asked. Gives answer smoothly with a smile if any interviewer asks any different question which comes angry to you (understand yourself). I listen to these type of questions asks sometimes, the reason is to know your patience/how to control angry/to see how your answer. They may have a chance to ask this type of questions in very big jobs like govts/private. Give a proper answer with a smile. Nobody doesn’t want to insult you by asking this question. This is one of the parts in interview questions to observe your physical&mental position. So don’t feel about it gives a proper answer with a smile.

12) Common Sense

Common sense, we have own idea about this word for uses to blame others. Why are your discussion about it? We are listening to this word by a number of persons to ours/others.Interview Tips:13 Best Tips for Job Seekers to success in Job Interview

In the interview tips common sense having the first place also a priority in the job interview but we don’t know what it is. Don’t feel it’s having meaning

Let’s checkout

  • See(what we see)
  • Talking(what we are talking)
  • Listen(what we are listening)

These three are done in the job interview what is exactly. If anybody asks a question of one word with different pronunciations, we can answer by clarifying the pronunciation asks/which about it. Common sense having what exactly see, talking and hearing etc. All are done correctly when we are observe exactly. Example anybody asks water we clarify first which type of water they exactly ask as general/mineral. Similarly, if the interviewer asks this type of question we first clarify it before answer.

13) Thank You

Anybody help to you say a word thank you. The word having a place put in job/not. So many persons neglect to say this word in job interview due to any reason. Please don’t do this, many numbers of candidates get a job by simply says this word even fail in the interview. Say this word when you take a seat and leave out from the interview room. Its impacts a good opinion on you. Somebody say the interviewer busy/not in listening position so I am not told thank you. The Interviewer in any condition says a word thank you. Sometimes the interviewer listens the word thank you for the act as busy. It may have a chance to get the job in case you reject/not answer well.


In interview tips, first, do one thing don’t fear its kills your hopes. All these are prepared better and practice it if possible. In case you reject any job don’t worry about having many numbers of alternatives. When you attend job interviews can overcome fear and also gain information which type of questions asks&how to conduct interviews. I also reject many job interviews due to many reasons. Firstly increase some of the communication skills to manage in the job interview to get success. Don’t put high expectations on any jobs if you fail pains heavily I tell from my own experience. Don’t leave any job due to silly reason like its long, salary&timings not well if you do by any reason the result gives heavy pain like me. Do any job even small/big then you have many scopes to get another job easily by your job experience. I hope you that our interview tips are very helpful to you.

All the best to your job interview


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