Group Discussion: The Definitive Guide (2020 Update)


Are you looking for how to qualify in group discussion?. You are landing on the correct page. Today I’m going to share with you about group discussion in brief. That means its important, tips, why conduct, skills etc.

1. What is Group Discussion

I think everyone listens to this word when they facing an interview. Probably, few persons don’t listen to this word.

Ok, everything alright

What is group discussion?

Group discussion means two/more persons joined together to discuss a particular topic

For Example

You can see the debate on the news channel about a particular problem.

How the politicians discuss individually for a particular topic/problem

I think you understand this easily

But in this group discussion, you follow some rules to qualify. The HR/authorized person gives a topic to discuss it. He does not involve in your topic except giving introductions.

2. Which Skills Required for GD

After understanding what is gd?.

So what next

That means skills

To discuss a topic you need to focus on grammar. In any language to talk, write you must learn grammar. This group discussion also is the same. Suppose you are going to talk in English. Majorly you focus on English grammar, words and meanings.

Satisfies your HR is enough to qualify in group discussion.

Don’t use tough words and grammar.

It leads to stop you to go further next round. Always try to talk based on your knowledge. Even you well know grammar/not. First thing concentrating on grammar instead of words.

3. What are types in GD

Actually, companies conducting different types of gd. Based on their requirements they decide.

Let’s check out

A. Particular Topic

Generally, companies conduct this type of gd. They give particular topics like financial crisis, global warming, budget etc. They maybe give a topic/problem. That’s why you need to focus on the news which goes around the world. To talk about any topic you need to know first. What is it?. This is the easiest way to qualify than compare with other types.

B. Situation

Tough job if you face this.

Sometimes gives a particular situation based on their business

Every business faces many problems in any field. They testing how you handle this situation.

Like increase sales, convenience to partners, release products which ban outside etc. I am saying exactly this. Maybe this like also.

I want to ask some questions based on the topic.

Case Study

A company sales go down due to some cases/rumors on the company. You have only limited time to sell and pay money to others. Peoples don’t have interesting to buy your products.  Also no exports by black shadows(rumors). Totally your company value went very down. Every root closed to your company to sell.

In this situation how do you handle this?. Also how to increase sales and exports.

I’m not afraid to you. I advising may have this type of situation in your gd. Chance to ask in your gd and interview.

Here’s an Example

In my experience, I also faced this type of situation.

When I went for an interview in a mobile store. HR asked me a question based on the above case study.

Suppose you need to sell a mobile phone of ‘A’ brand. But the customer has an interest in phone ‘B’. Both phones are the same price, features and everything.

How do you convince your customer to sell phone A?.

Another question

For example, ‘A’ phone has a price of $500 in your showroom. But the same mobile $450 on the outside. Both have the same brand and features.

How do you convince to buy mobile in your showroom?.

I faced these questions in my interview. I told all the solutions when rotates my mind. But HR not satisfied with my answers. Think if you are my place how do you answer?. That’s why focus on this type of situation based on your company. Purpose of share my experience is only for the knowledge base.

c. Unstrategy

I mean don’t gives any topic. But the group discussion starts with any topic. HR gives a choice to start with any topic. You can start based on your interests. The HR said to move with any topic. This case so better than the second one. You have so many choices to move further. Always try to start which you know so much.

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4. What is gd Purpose

“No business cant runs without customer satisfaction”.

Remember this one in your mind

Only this particular topic runs based on this sentence

What is that mean?

Case Study

Suppose you need to talk with your customer?.

For related any product/service.

How do you communicate with them?.

You need to focus on talking power also grammar.

Need to take requirements, advice, instructions etc. Also, give a reply to them.

In this situation, must have good communication skills. Without it, it leads to disputes, misunderstandings between you and your client.

I think you understand this

The main purpose only to know your communication skills.

Have you deal with your customer/not?


In job vs business, the majority of persons have an interest in the job. To deal with your customer you need some skills.

The main motive only for one thing to conduct this

To decrease the candidates who don’t have skills

Like how we remove bad apples from good ones. We treat there is no use with bad apples. Similarly, they also treat.

Customer satisfaction is the main one for any company. The total overview is customer satisfaction.

You need to satisfy your customers based on your skills.

5. How to Prepare

Practice makes perfect

Work may be anything. Preparation main one to learn.

Focus on grammar especially if you are a beginner. The new one has fear when they face for the first time.

Don’t be afraid be brave

Grammar is the main one in any language. Focus this first after anything like words&grammar.

Try to practice in your home before the mirror. Or before a person who’s good knowledge in group discussion. If you know a good person in gd it’s a good thing. Otherwise, practice before the mirror/camera. Rectify your mistakes based on your performance. Body language also the main one to qualify.


Feeling like bore I have a great idea for you.

First, attend a job interview and participate in group discussions.

You know how to conduct and persons involved

Observe their attitude, skills, body language, etc.

Try to talk even you have good skills/not

I think it’s a good job than practice. Based on this program know your mistakes/drawbacks

Rectify later before attending to the second one

HR mainly observe some skills. Like talking, questioning, answering, advice, situation handling, leadership, communication skills etc

This also helps in your career development.

6. What Do in GD (Tips)

→Maintain professional dressing&good looking style

→Sit properly

→Start with say good morning

Introduce yourself to others if you start otherwise when it requires

→Concentrate what other saying(like listening&understanding)

→Raise question/doubt while others talking

→Share your opinion, advice when you talking

→Try to answer when other question to you

→Be first to start the topic

→Show your communication skills and body language while talking

→Try to conclude the topic when HR said

→Show good skills like leadership, decision making, subject knowledge, problem-solving, critical thinking, confidence etc

→Show good behavior with others

→Finally, say thank you when you leave your seat

7. What Don’t in GD

→Don’t look HR face while you are talking

→Don’t interfere while others speaking

→Say no to difficult words which others do not understand easily

→Not show any negative attitude

→Not try to dominate anyone

Over to Topic

I think everyone understands this

Did I miss anything?

Now I’d like to hear from you?

Which solutions you would give from my experience in the mobile showroom?

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