Complete Guide to Make Perfect Resume to Get Good Impression Fastly


When you are going to a job interview must carry a resume. A resume is a document its shows all of your details also play a role in the job interview. A complete guide to making a perfect resume is very important to make a good impression on you.

Don’t put all your information in a single page of resume some persons do similarly. Remember your resume must have at least 2-4 pages so that all of your information covers completely the interviewer also identified easily any information. In internet having so many resume formats but you make it complete guide to makes a perfect resume to attract the interviewer easily. Don’t depend on others to make your resume, try to make your resume yourself by the follow of our guidelines to get success in the job interview.

When you are going to the job interview, the interviewer first sees your looking style the second one is your resume and third your communication skills. Based on your resume the interviewer asks questions in the interview. In the below, sections are very useful to make a perfect resume based on your interest/job to attract and makes a good impression on you.

1) Name, Email& Phone number

When you prepare resume first must see having a name resume in the middle of the first page. Because it’s easily identified by any persons without overlook of all document to understand it’s a resume. First put your name, email and phone number at the top of the page to makes easily identify the interviewer to contact. Write your name completely with full initial/surname, valid email and phone number. Remember don’t write your friends emails, numbers instead of yours. If you do this mistake may have a chance to lose job incase interviewer calls you also impact a negative opinion on you.

2) Education

The interviewer first see your education details to see having the minimum qualification and also eligible for this job/not. Mention all your education details like your course, year of study, percentage, school/college names and its location.Complete Guide to Make Perfect Resume to Get Good Impression Fastly Write all information in the box format to separate each section for easily understand. Mention all details correctly as like your certificates don’t write wrong information. This section put on the first page of your resume because interviewer first sees this section. Makes this section with attract format to understand easily.

3) Experience

Does experience play a role in the interview?

Yes, after seeing your education details the interviewer must see your experience section. Not having this the interviewer must ask did you have any job experience. So don’t forget the mention of your job experience in case if you have its makes more chances to get the job very easily otherwise not having left it. The interviewer always gives first preference to the job experience persons instead of freshers. Always carry your job experience certificates in the job interview to get the job easily, its impacts a positive opinion on you. In the experience, section fills all details like company name, job role, location joining &end dates and preference phone number in a case who get a touch more in your previous company. It’s very useful for company persons to know you have real job experience/not.

4) Personal Details

In the complete guide make perfect resume the personal details are very important to know who you are. Generally, the details having like your name with full of surname, father name, gender, languages known, date of birth and present&permenet address. Write all your details correctly not others like your friends, relatives etc. The personal details help to contact easily. Your name must have full of your surname don’t put your surname with a single letter like A, B, C etc. The date of birth mention correctly as like your certificates also languages as you know.

5) Internships

What is Internships?

Some companies offer internships like do a job for getting experience in particular fields as like part/full time without salary. In that companies not pays any salary only gives certificates in a particular field what you are done in those companies. To make a perfect resume the internships are very useful to get the job very easily with experience of internships. So if you have a chance do internships don’t leave it, it works on job interview/get the job in the same company. Mention this section if you have.

6) Achievements/Awards

In a complete guide to make perfect resume the achievements/awards are also useful.        If you have any awards in the school, colleges, jobs, and others mention in your resume. This section impacts a good opinion on you by your hard work to active this. It shows you are a hard worker and certificates are very useful to get the job quickly. This award tells you to do hard work and run for success.

7) Sports section

Sport persons get the job very easily because they have a name in the society and also do hard work in the sports as like job. You are a sports person mention your awards and certificates in your resume. Some companies maintain a percentage of jobs for sport persons so don’t lose it. The awards/certificates can help to get the job easily instead of others and get promotion in job. This section gives so many chances like a special name in the job, get easily holidays and support if require.

8) Technical Skills

Nowadays the technical skills play an important role in every job interview. In the complete guide to making a perfect resume, the technical skills are mandatory because nowadays every company maintains computers and work with it to makes work easier.Complete Guide to Make Perfect Resume to Get Good Impression Fastly The technical skills like MS-office, Tally and programming languages. Based on your technical skills the interviewer decides which job is better for you and also which skills are needed to improve you.

  • Mention only you know skills. Don’t mention all the skills which you don’t know
  • Another one if you know any technical skills only basic mention in the bracket, in case not do it the interviewer may have a chance asks in questions in depth.

9) Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is great because of serves/ help to others without the profit motive. The volunteer maintains a name in the society. So many business persons also do as a volunteer to help the society in a different manner. If you are a volunteer/have any awards relate to volunteer work don’t forget to mention to makes a perfect resume. The volunteers are work as independent to the society and also take respect from others.

10) Hobbies

It’s not mandatory based on your choice. You can mention your hobbies what do in remaining time.

“But remember don’t mention your hobbies like what you do not know more that means not your real hobby”

For example, if you mention a sport name what you don’t know about it, the interviewer may have chance asks a question relate sport which answers you can give. So don’t mention your real hobby it’s may have a chance to lose the job.

11) Date&Place

Place this section in the last page bottom of left. It’s useful for the interviewer to identify which date&place you attend the interview. In case the interviewer calls you in future/when you call the interviewer the date&place useful to identify easily.


In the complete guide to making perfect resume follow the above guidelines to get the job easily. I give only guidelines like sections not all are mandatory. You can decide which section is better to me according to your interest/job. One more thing doesn’t put all information in a single page maintain minimum 2-4 pages with attractive design and neatly.

Don’t forget to check all details when you are going to job interviews like your phone number, email and job experience to change/not.

All the best for your career success.


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