Do You Need a 5G Network Really Dangerous?


   5G network really dangerous?. We enjoying network without wireless in the form of 4G. It’s very fast to use from anywhere. Before the present, we are waited for long hours due to a lack of signals. But now its good news to introducing the 5g network to speed up your work. The data charges also decrease when compared to the past. Technology changes everything in any field also in-network.

   Peoples always welcome new technology like a 5G network. The telecom operators have high interest to attract new customers. But the war competition not closes in a single day between operators. Due to the competition, they decrease charging rates and add more benefits. The 5G network speed is very high like in milliseconds to browse anything. The 5G network revolution already started I so many countries. But still pending in so many countries due to so many reasons.

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What is the 5G Network

   It is a network without wires to give internet connection through towers. If we checked in the past the internet very high matter due to long wires. But now comes the latest technology to reduce the cost and work. By the towers passes signals to mobile devices. 5G network means the 5th generation network. How the 4g network work in the same way the 5G network also with advanced technology.

Uses of 5G Network

   There has a wide range of advantages. The speed of the 5G network in just milliseconds. So you cant wait for minutes to browse, download anything. Enjoy youtube videos without buffering. You can apply anything by the fast network without errors. Quality of voice&video calls very clear by this technology. You don’t need to search for wifi and ask for the hotspot to others. They have a chance to decrease the roaming charges to other networks. With this technology, you can operate anything from anywhere. Every field moves up another level by this fastest 5G network. The new revolution also born by this technology.

Is 5G Network Dangerous?

Do You Need a 5G Network Really Dangerous?

   Everyone thinks this way by listening to this 5G network. Already many peoples fight anti to this network to save the birds and humans. Many countries started an anti fight for this network. They showing a reason the powerful radiation kills the birds and causes cancer to humans. In fact, the Briton peoples started an anti-movement to this network. A piece of viral news spread on the internet about the 5G network. The news is 297 birds died due to a test of 5G networks in the Netherlands. Somebody posted this on the website later its viral on the internet. Later found that the birds died by eaten of chemicals. In fact, there is no proof of its harmful to birds and humans.

Some Facts

   Peoples rejecting the 5G network due to its causes of brain cancer. The powerful radiation is very harmful to the human body like a brain tumor. For these reasons, the Britain scientist checked its frequency. From the top of the tower it has 916 but from below its only 4.65. The network authorities also passing information to anti fighters it’s not harmful. The world health organization does not pass any orders to stop. Because there is no proof its dangerous to birds and humans. The peoples always try to stop this 5G network. Their main motive to save the birds and people’s health. It’s natural when new technology comes some are welcome and some are anti. They treated its harmful like showing Rajinikanth movie Robo 2.o. Nobody proved it’s very harmful to the birds and humans.

What the Solution

   Have to clear about 5G network rumors. The authorities have to proves it not harmful to anybody. Majorly people don’t have knowledge about the latest technology. They only see the drawback of it who spread rumors. Explain the network origin, history, works etc. To stop this anti-revolution the authorities physically prove it’s not harmful. Send the same information to the WHO to remove the rumors from people’s minds. Make an awareness in all countries by keeping as a topic in universities, advertising, seminars, interviews and social media. How to spread this news on social media in this way solve this problem. Discuss this on international meetings to prove it’s not harmful to anybody.  

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   5G network advanced technology without wireless. Peoples created a habit of 4g network for regular use. Some peoples welcome this network but some are anti who are nature lovers. So many rumors rotate on the internet about it. Peoples have to know about it in detail information. The network authorities have a responsibility to prove it’s not harmful. The mobile companies already started making 5G network mobiles. Already 5g mobiles also launched in many countries. Peoples welcome to this network to use the fastest speed. Anybody can use it without keeping any rumors on their minds. There still have no proof it’s harmful but in the future, I don’t know. If you enjoy this article don’t forget to leave a comment below and share it with your friends.  


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